04/07/2018 05:56
Rules: NO copying, NO cheating, NO bullying, NO STEALING. --------------------------------------- How to apply? First comment which one you want then draw anything that fits your catagorie, then it's due april 10th. --------------------------------------- What do i do? First you choose either Flowers, Animals, Oe Exotic. Next you comment your pick then you draw what matches the catagorie. -------------------------------------- (choose only ONE catagorie)
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heartrending 04/08/2018 09:38
suppose im done then -_-
PeaceLion 04/08/2018 09:28
I'm finally done :>
SirBar 04/08/2018 07:07
there ya go
SirBar 04/08/2018 06:54
im doing plant
6SinsOfTheGhost 04/08/2018 06:52
zyriee yes gore is allowed
zyriee 04/08/2018 06:24
doing flowers
also is gore allowed?? its the first time drawing with gore in a contest lol
heartrending 04/07/2018 07:01
i'm doing animals 2
PeaceLion 04/07/2018 06:52
btw i might do animals :>
6SinsOfTheGhost 04/07/2018 06:48
Dogepants 04/07/2018 06:38
i'll just go with animals