cactus • カクタス

08/28/2019 07:11
I'm in a cactus mood,,
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_StarMoonlight_ 05/07/2020 10:50
why do i love this so much
tiger09 10/10/2019 22:45
im in the mood for well i cant say it
Rushy 10/03/2019 09:41
-JulyBug- 08/31/2019 19:14
oof 6th medal
Cyanocitta 08/28/2019 19:47
I love this
awesome111111111 08/28/2019 19:05
somethings wrong with my chat
awesome111111111 08/28/2019 18:59
how do you like? i made it like just now, is it good?
TarynStar 08/28/2019 18:41
awesome111111111, thank you uwu
awesome111111111 08/28/2019 18:41
its a very nice cactus
TarynStar 08/28/2019 18:40
awesome111111111, hi, welcome, this is my cactus

Talia8Pie, i make it a little bit red on the left and a little bit blue on the right of the lines ya know