Lets talk

07/02/2022 11:52
There should be no reason not what so ever that I shouldent be best friends with every single person still left on this site so lets talk, i'll start in the comments by throwing a few things that I got on my mind
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SunsetPanther 07/02/2022 12:23
__FusH__, I do like to read to ;') BUT ONLY WHAT I WANT TO READ AAAA

my whole life is webtoons right now HVJFGTDY

it's really sad cause Techno's catchphrase was "TECHNOBLADE WILL NEVER DIE!"
A lot of people knew he had cancer but we also thought he was getting better too;'))
__FusH__ 07/02/2022 11:56
My hobby currently is reading. It's not too serious, but I feel proud of it after having an early childhood of instilled hatred of literature. Technoblade.. I'm really sad. I never watched their content that much, but I see how it's impacting 41+ million viewers. Including me, a bit.
SunsetPanther 07/02/2022 11:54
I keep avoiding all of my messages ;'))
A lot of people arn't too bothered by it but im ruining my friendships by constantly avoiding everyone's messages...idk how to fix that


Technoblade....thoughts? ;')))