Lets talk

07/02/2022 11:52
There should be no reason not what so ever that I shouldent be best friends with every single person still left on this site so lets talk, i'll start in the comments by throwing a few things that I got on my mind
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NinjaCat908 07/08/2022 20:04
B1uMoonGirl, pigeons are awesome.
B1uMoonGirl 07/06/2022 22:10
i love pigeons
TheBoiRaine 07/03/2022 03:56
favourite game?

mine is ori and the blind forest, hollow knight, rain world, and a lot of roguelike games

games with beautiful story-driven games are a thing that i like the most

i also like roguelike games because its fun
Billysilly 07/02/2022 21:51
gueswhatimafurry 07/02/2022 19:50
KunaWolf 07/02/2022 19:41
im normal. btw
KunaWolf 07/02/2022 19:41
gueswhatimafurry, red son red son red son red son red son red son red son red son red son red son red son red son red son red son red son red son
gueswhatimafurry 07/02/2022 18:13
lego monkie kid. if you loev it, you will become my best friend
SunsetPanther 07/02/2022 13:42
__FusH__, not many parents really arn't willing to show themselves publicly like that, i think it was a beautiful last video. he said that techno left with his family surounding him and thats all anyone should ask for. to go with the ones you love, and to leave an amazing impact on life
__FusH__ 07/02/2022 12:27
SunsetPanther, Yeah, cancer's unpredictable. One moment it looks to be gone for 98%, and then it's back to a really bad phase again. I also can't imagine the strength his father has to read out the note.