jesus died for are sins

10/18/2018 08:20
jesus died on the cross so that we could live in heaven! and after that he rose from the dead three days later! jesus is God's son and he loves you more than anything
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Thegemarald 08/07/2019 15:40
its confusing
Thegemarald 08/07/2019 15:40
miranda08, he is 100% God
miranda08 08/06/2019 16:25
no offense
miranda08 08/06/2019 16:25
jesus is mostly god though
Thegemarald 08/05/2019 15:59
aishee119, wat?
aishee119 08/05/2019 15:11 sad..
Thegemarald 08/04/2019 10:56
Toonimator_666 08/04/2019 10:55
Thegemarald 08/01/2019 09:40
Toonimator_666, i'll tell u da story if im right... so mary is just like you and me. (but shes like 18 or 19) an angel talks to her saying "You will give birth to a baby boy and name him Jesus" and she gets a little worried for some resons... she is engaged to a man named Joseph but when everyone including him see that she is with a child they think she wants to marry another person but than mary tells joseph that God gave her the child
Toonimator_666 08/01/2019 07:16
Thegemarald, foxytrotfox, If you think about it, God plans to kill his own son, (to be reunited with him, not for the sake of killing his own son) Jesus accepted because he loves God he wanted to be with him and he died so we will be in Heaven...

Also random fun (not) fact: If Jesus was born by Mary, does that mean Mary and God are legally married?