jesus died for are sins

10/18/2018 08:20
jesus died on the cross so that we could live in heaven! and after that he rose from the dead three days later! jesus is God's son and he loves you more than anything
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Thegemarald 06/15/2019 06:56
foxytrotfox, oh okay. what does acc mean?
foxytrotfox 06/14/2019 22:12
foxytrotfox, wait wrong acc. whoops
foxytrotfox 06/14/2019 22:12
Thegemarald, oh I was saying thank you to tulp
Thegemarald 06/14/2019 19:05
foxtrotfoxy, for what?
foxtrotfoxy 06/13/2019 20:58
TulpTulp77, Thank you!
TulpTulp77 06/10/2019 07:01
for Christian stuff go to WordofTruth
TulpTulp77 06/10/2019 07:00
Thegemarald, *our sins
foxtrotfoxy 06/09/2019 17:26
True words
Thegemarald 05/27/2019 09:46
GrimpyToonz 04/21/2019 20:13
nice to know we have christiians on here... now i dont feel so alone...