an apple a day keeps the doctor away

12/05/2018 18:08
@zefuro is the inspiration
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WolfHats 12/06/2018 10:53
i know apples r my thing now
toonimator_101 12/06/2018 10:52
you and apples lol! not meaning in a bad way
WolfHats 12/05/2018 18:27
I hoping it's good!
ladiesman217 12/05/2018 18:23
WolfHats, It's been good, I think you'll probably enjoy it, she has the 10th's charm somewhat.
WolfHats 12/05/2018 18:22
Same, but I really love the 10th. I haven't watched any 13th yet, cause I'm waiting for the whole season to be finished
ladiesman217 12/05/2018 18:14
WolfHats, 10th but 11 (and 12) are pretty close, I also have really been liking the 13th Doctor.
WolfHats 12/05/2018 18:12
I also love Doctor Who! 10th or 11th?
ladiesman217 12/05/2018 18:10
How dare you, I for one love Doctor Who.