11/13/2017 03:02
My man. I might make one of Foot, but who knows.
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imjustweird2004 11/20/2017 22:16
that is me. flat. *cries a little*
TKninjas 11/19/2017 22:08
I wonder what they think is flat.
LemonBite 11/16/2017 18:13
Kawaii_Bloom, :thinking: coonik, He's a god, but he broke a couple of god rules and now he isn't a god anymore. ;-; I have this whole story for him and other characters, but I just need to get the motivation to make a comic about them. haha nokai, Thank you!! :0 iigigislayz, Nice meme, dUDe xSoullessChildx, THANKSSS! ;;;))))) 5inful5oul5, Yeah! I just draw on here every so often when I have ideas and stuff!
Kawaii_Bloom 11/14/2017 18:05
coonik 11/13/2017 20:26
wut flat :v?
nokai 11/13/2017 19:33
Mfg, I love the style so much. o.o
marshmello101 11/13/2017 15:31
iigigislayz, hmm need more details bout the dream to answer that
Foxes-_- 11/13/2017 11:49
What else?
iigigislayz 11/13/2017 07:28
Do you ever have a dreams um.. That you um- You had you would- you could do- you would- you wanted to do so much you could do anything?
xSoullessChildx 11/13/2017 07:17