01/11/2019 20:28
toonator's parent site expired. toons are not going to load until it comes back up. so for now, you're SOL in that department. that is all
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DeadInsideHere 01/12/2019 00:10
At least I know why it won't Load.
DeadInsideHere 01/12/2019 00:09
narwhale220 01/11/2019 23:24
Oh gosh I thought it was my computer
Ikkini 01/11/2019 22:04
o shoot, i think that's why multator has the 502 bad gateway thing, glad im not the only one, or glad its not actually blocked
UltraMarshmallow 01/11/2019 21:28
-PizzaTime-, when you notice it's fixed ,just let me know if you know how to fix that problem??
-PizzaTime- 01/11/2019 21:25
UltraMarshmallow, it be like that sometimes
UltraMarshmallow 01/11/2019 21:25
my toons never load. it is pain
NinaTheSkeleton_ 01/11/2019 21:01
big oof
BendysBF_2 01/11/2019 20:58
oh so im not the only one who doesnt have toons loading? whew
funnermom 01/11/2019 20:53