practicing my stick animation

10/15/2020 14:13
pls someone who know how to make stick animation send a message to me ok
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Lavi- 10/15/2020 18:44
needs a bit of impact but its p good overall
llusty 10/15/2020 17:41
Also this is good. here i think this is what your missing
llusty 10/15/2020 17:37
Also dude i know this might sound a bit disrespectful, or rude but could you stop posting this stuff in Good Place Because You can draw, Animate and other stuff and your known. Meanwhile its a bunch of people who want to be known, and want to learn how to animate if you need help on anything ill help.
SSJ_Emani212 10/15/2020 15:13
llusty 10/15/2020 15:00
Dude you dont need help on everything this isnt bad.