multator is so scary right now

06/01/2019 14:38
and that's why I'm here. my animation and my English are very bad, sorry
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canadian-leaf205 06/29/2019 12:57
RUNS TO MULTATOR* SEE you guys in a few mellinia
ElkHouse 06/29/2019 12:51
translation: look man, it happens. stuff like that happens on multator all the time... its ok. ive seen it. its bad. really, really, bad. so i feel you. and i forgive you for the bad english. im just using a translator so you can say stuff to me in russian if you want.
ElkHouse 06/29/2019 12:50
Trample, Смотри человек, это происходит. вещи, как это происходит на мультатор все время ... его нормально. Ive видел его. его плохо. очень, очень, плохо. так что я чувствую тебя. и я прощаю тебя за плохой английский. им просто с помощью переводчика, чтобы вы могли сказать вещи для меня на русском языке, если вы хотите.
Trample 06/03/2019 04:08
Serulii, nngh...
Serulii 06/03/2019 00:16
i think it got better,, not sure what happened but the logo is off and i hear there were rather mature toons on there x(
Cashew_Studios 06/02/2019 23:00
eagle-pie, dont advertise drawing websites on a drawing website.
eagle-pie 06/02/2019 17:10
its canadian but it has more tools and stable drawing and really cool people you will like it
eagle-pie 06/02/2019 17:08
go check out
eagle-pie 06/02/2019 17:04
susimi, whait you guys are still here
Arii2Last 06/02/2019 10:29
Hope you enjoy here at Toonator. Sorry Multator is scary, I just checked and it's desperately needs to get fixed.