i hate toon

10/18/2019 12:00
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AnthTanth 05/24/2020 23:32
im still waitign come bacc
MelodicMeloetta 04/12/2020 01:35
looks like someone missed their cock and ball torture
ZakuraUchiha19 04/07/2020 08:18
Heaven16Morgan only two people are telling them to die. Stupid 10 year old's think they're so edgy cause they curse a lot. LOOK, JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE COLORFUL LANGUAGE, DOESN'T MEAN YOU USE IT ALL TO IMPRESS SOMEONE. THAT'S IMMATURE, YOU NEED TO GROW UP. Smh.
_StarMoonlight_ 02/26/2020 17:15
-__-__-__-__-__- 02/24/2020 14:40
_StarMoonlight_, i think its just a random meme, full on youtube
_StarMoonlight_ 02/17/2020 12:23
I'm confused what's happening
inAAppleTime 01/28/2020 13:56
Tamaka, the heck? WHO?????
Tamaka 01/28/2020 13:34
why is everyone telling you to kill yourself? you're super under rated! AND AWESOME!
Heaven16Morgan 01/28/2020 13:27
rip-me 01/28/2020 12:39
lonelycousin, why tf are these comments full of all edge but no point, whos ass am I kicking