hippity hoppity

06/04/2021 21:39
why does this look decent
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ItJustSticks 06/06/2021 14:37
kraftcheese, That wasn't about slavery ...
kraftcheese 06/04/2021 22:49
kraftcheese i also got the FREAKIN reference wrong so! you know what+ just burn me at the stake, why dontcha!!!??
kraftcheese 06/04/2021 22:43
Zatch ok that's true HOWEVER i was making a cool epic reference to a LeisurlyBeaver quote so put it up with him not me
Zatch 06/04/2021 22:29
kraftcheese, that's only in america, a lot of countries outside of america still have slavery
kraftcheese 06/04/2021 22:26
ItJustSticks itjuststicks, i believe slavery was abolished in 1865.
ItJustSticks 06/04/2021 22:19
You are now my property.