Giant vs Ninja

10/14/2017 15:43
Moral of the story, don't mess with royals :^) -TK
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R0YALS 01/07/2018 00:48
TKninjas, Ah, okie then ^w^ - Fluff
TKninjas 01/07/2018 00:27
R0YALS, No worries, I don’t mind. This is the only one I put effort into, haha.
R0YALS 01/06/2018 18:38
I hope that it's alright that I put this into the album rather than your most recent animation on here.

And for anyone who's reading this, TK's folder is here for if you wanna view any of his other toons:

- Fluff
-koteiko- 10/23/2017 13:12
DarkNinja 10/15/2017 13:35
This is kurwa beautiful !! <3 <3
nonobobo 10/15/2017 09:52
better than anything i could do
nonobobo 10/15/2017 09:52
this is amazing
TKninjas 10/14/2017 20:42
Thanks guys! I’m glad everyone enjoyed it.
BitterMars 10/14/2017 19:08
You made the f*cking Giant look like super Eren titan.
Sp3ctrum 10/14/2017 17:13
I will mess-
Kurokawa studios my boi.