~Breezy Day~

11/07/2018 07:47
Song:(Dragon Lullaby)--(2 hours)--I had soe free time so I drew Birch. I like how the little grass turned out. This was more less a vent, because I felt like cutting again, but I resorted to this and tried to think of positive things. I don't animate much but recently I have been feeling ok with it. I also wish I had spiders to add music. A shame I have 0 lmao.
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B1uMoonGirl 01/04/2019 18:58
MsHudson 12/06/2018 08:30
yay, I love this toon, really glad you got a medal on it-
Kailey_Kat 12/05/2018 16:07
ooooh i see someone medaled b4 i could reach 100 spooders (or one spooder matter of fact)
narwhale220 12/04/2018 10:53
-SherlockHolmes-, uwu ilyt son
-SherlockHolmes- 12/04/2018 10:50
love you mum
-SherlockHolmes- 11/14/2018 17:48
B1uMoonGirl 11/14/2018 17:32
-SherlockHolmes-, never were there truer words spoken uwu
-SherlockHolmes- 11/14/2018 08:03
B1uMoonGirl, It's not guilt if you can find how to use it properly! I use it for non-moving objects.
B1uMoonGirl 11/13/2018 20:33
I like that you used frame copying, because whenever I do it, I feel guilty, but it must be ok for certain things. *bows to the god of skill*
MissHorror123 11/08/2018 17:56
JacksonAnimates, Whole


imsorryforthatbyexdxdxdxdxdxddxdxd*swooshes back to the shadows*