Red and Bounce #2

06/20/2018 08:22
WOW...this took a while top make. well you guys are going to hate me for this .... but i did lip sync.... ill make a script later..again really sorry. Special thanks for SwagTamato for letting me use Zaiden...and notsogoodartist for Dusty. Thank you guys for your support!!!



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canadian-leaf205 07/03/2018 16:34
zFluid 06/30/2018 18:15
SlenderLicky good job I want to do something like this like as a collab you down?
Offel 06/24/2018 02:25
RustyAnimationZ 06/23/2018 07:36
why the heck aren't you passer-Animator
SlenderLicky 06/23/2018 06:14
thx :D
Toffeecookie 06/23/2018 05:17
My god my friend
This is good
SlenderLicky 06/22/2018 10:56
LOL yeah right LOL
JuicyJesse 06/22/2018 10:52
EYYYY de juice box tho!!!
SwagTomato 06/22/2018 04:15
Arii2Last It's too hard to make a long animation without frame copying
Athena97 06/20/2018 16:25
This is so cool!