Some things never change

12/31/2017 14:17
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dacoolkid 01/01/2018 19:07
you've accomplished approvement
RANDOMGIRL4 01/01/2018 14:34
Flare-Aamon, Thats Nice. I did nothing in 2017. Ehhhhhhh
HuskiiBi 01/01/2018 09:24
I drew you some fanart-
whenwillIusethis 01/01/2018 01:01
berghakker, at least you didnt fail at everything instead of just doing nothing.
i got negative points...
Flare-Aamon 12/31/2017 22:36
i accomplished becoming your friend and becoming passer
and also becoming most peoples friend, i still work for some friend relationships today but i did get a lot this year
berghakker 12/31/2017 20:00
i just realized i did nothing last year..GREAT WAY TO START DA YEAAR :)
berghakker 12/31/2017 19:56
I ACOMPLISHED- ... wait...
ebanygamesonfnaf 12/31/2017 19:13
training on my new fave nintendo switch game called "ARMS"
SGandQuatstudio 12/31/2017 17:07
RANDOMGIRL4 12/31/2017 16:50