You're Dead Already!

01/28/2018 14:33
A loop because I love this song. Sorry if it's pretty crappy, I'm still hopeless for ideas and motivation. It's kinda frustrating, being impatient and all. Also, these are some of (a very small percentage of) my dead characters- in order, Sinp died in a train accident, Michael was stabbed, Skye was caught in a car crash, Gos was born without eyes and died from an infection that spread to the brain, and Port drowned. Song that it's based on here:
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zefuro 01/28/2018 18:03
jojoanims, NANII?
jojoanims 01/28/2018 17:49
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Omae wa da shinderu
indigo-rain 01/28/2018 15:23
I'm sorry about any motivation issues you might have. also I know this meme is dead but omae was shinderu
real_gud_drawz 01/28/2018 15:06
Sinpai4, shit
okay then
Sinpai4 01/28/2018 15:05
real_gud_drawz, Could you please not talk about anything close to that. Please
real_gud_drawz 01/28/2018 14:44
Iā€™m trying so hard not to get jealous
Tabbiloiy 01/28/2018 14:40
Jesus the deaths are scary-
Hurricanedakid 01/28/2018 14:39
RANDOMGIRL4 01/28/2018 14:37
I love this! The deaths are pretty scary.... i love it.