10/13/2018 18:35
Howdy howdy y'all, I'm just really curious why over half of you seem to be really scuicidal and crud, and so self loathing. is it the hip thing to do? i'm just reaaaalllyyy curious, y'know? i know a good handful of you must be serious, and that's okay as long as you're getting help for it. i just, am sick of seeing edgy 10 year olds saying they have self diagnosed depression and shit, and saying they wanna slit their wrists. attack me all you want but i'm sick of seeing kids being edgy and self loathing to fit in. i'm a kid, too, but i don't act all self loathing. prove me wrong, i dare you. i don't care if you people attack me, i'm an american and i gots free speech. here ye here ye is my rant.
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talkacc 11/25/2018 14:45
Sketched-hope 11/24/2018 20:43
talkacc, oh-
talkacc 11/24/2018 20:35
Sketched-hope, no I was on your side I was the first and only talk acc othen than RobloxianCats
Sketched-hope 11/24/2018 09:35
talkacc, frick
talkacc 11/24/2018 08:17
I remember this (O.G)
Sketched-hope 11/24/2018 03:11
talkacc, oh this thing
yeah this was a downward spiral of a shitty day
talkacc 11/23/2018 22:57
(on wrong account sorry)
talkacc 11/23/2018 22:57
Now, I'm depressed,
but I'm not the edgy person that would pm you about that shit
Animator260 10/19/2018 18:52
ummmmmmmmmm whats happening?
Sketched-hope 10/18/2018 19:48
tigerblink, yes indeed.