fuck i have a tik tok crush

06/20/2020 11:55
actualy 2
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gueswhatimafurry 06/20/2020 12:16
kiyou, im loyal
kiyou 06/20/2020 12:15
gueswhatimafurry 06/20/2020 12:12
kiyou, i started dating her after the others and me broke up
Zatch 06/20/2020 12:12
kiyou, monogamy has left the chat
kiyou 06/20/2020 12:11
gueswhatimafurry, maybe you should be loyal to your girlfriend and have human decency then
gueswhatimafurry 06/20/2020 12:10
Zatch, nah, erin hates me, josh's fam hates me and i havnt talked with twilight sence last summer. i have a gf tho
kiyou 06/20/2020 12:07
Zatch, funky
Zatch 06/20/2020 12:07
kiyou, yeah i'm pretty sure they are
kiyou 06/20/2020 12:05
Zatch, PARDON?
Zatch 06/20/2020 12:05
aren't you in a relationship with 3 people?