i did it

01/17/2020 16:29
i got the tat. i will edit and upload to youtube soon.
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-__-__-__-__-__- 02/16/2020 08:48
on this toon you drew it on the wrong arm

how dare u
Wing_of_fire 01/30/2020 14:41
pixelchan, I didn't know there were multipul pictures
never used instagram, lol
toonimator_101 01/29/2020 01:57
how i didnt see this sOONER??!!
pixelchan 01/28/2020 23:59
Wing_of_fire, posted link in comments
Wing_of_fire 01/28/2020 23:10
pixelchan, we need a end result picture
FidgetFox 01/25/2020 18:56
since im not even close to the age of getting a tattoo i want to draw him on my arm now
pixelchan 01/25/2020 18:38
-JulyBug-, :eyes:
-JulyBug- 01/25/2020 17:11
pixelchan, https://imgur.com/gallery/qY39qMR
pixelchan 01/20/2020 00:08
LittleLittle, bring inquires to Toonator.
that would be funny.
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LittleLittle 01/19/2020 20:39
you are now granted the LEGEND rank on toonator!