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04/03/2020 08:40
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AnthTanth 06/28/2020 13:17
i know im late and i shouldve said this like 2 years ago but u r amazing i applaud you
DeSpAcItUs 06/08/2020 11:26
My gosh you're so talented, but I can tell even now you still have an ocean of potential still untapped. You can convey motion well, you're good at backgrounds and scenery, color schemes MY GOSH!!
BEVERLY_HILLS 05/04/2020 14:47
stop smoking smoking is bad
zefuro 04/21/2020 04:36
fluffykitten, thanks
fluffykitten 04/20/2020 09:52
this is amazing ur so good
zefuro 04/15/2020 16:29
20CatsInABasket, This level of compliment is illegal
20CatsInABasket 04/15/2020 13:43
excuse me this level of talent is not allowed
zefuro 04/11/2020 13:50
_StarMoonlight_ 04/11/2020 10:04

-__-__-__-__-__- 04/10/2020 05:01
jobsika, you say that as if you've been here at that time when the comments you typed here make up 2/3 of your total. you also have no toons or pic. (sorry if its an alt)