Broken Utopia AU (START)

12/01/2018 15:56
Created By: Narwhale Co-Created By: DaleksOfSkaro Welcome to the Broken World AU, a post apocalyptic AU that takes place after a hostile take over that cause a war of the worlds, ending most life on every planet in the solar system, You are one of the underground survivors, freshly surfaced, you can choose to go it alone, join a clan, or be a free loader lmao, This is a no hold barred AU, all actions done in the AU are done through toons, planning may be done in pms, but there need to be dedicated toons of every action, put the link to the toon in the comments of this toon: You can form a clan by following the guide lines found here: This is an AU, do not hold people's actions in the AU against them, you may betray, lie, steal, or be one of the greatest heros of all time, follow the rules of the AU, no godmoding, (Godmodding is taking control of another player's character during roleplay, or to force an actio
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Draco-MuffinzJr 12/11/2018 17:10
may i join? i might need tips cuz hypno is super shy and sweet
narwhale220 12/03/2018 09:01
THEROLEPLAYER_, FLIPPY_WOLF, sweet! feel free to pm either of us when you're ready :3
AThornBush 12/03/2018 08:36
THEROLEPLAYER_ 12/02/2018 18:17
I'll probably join
FLIPPY_WOLF 12/02/2018 15:14
ok....ill join tis
SwagTomato 12/02/2018 05:20
Sounds great,but I'm a stickman animator so I don't fit here...
above 12/02/2018 03:10
would join this but post-apocalyptic AUs are not my thing
narwhale220 12/02/2018 01:06
pixelchan, ok, thats fine :D
pixelchan 12/02/2018 01:00
narwhale220, im making a shitty ref. but i should be able to make a better one tomorrow
narwhale220 12/02/2018 00:55
pixelchan, yep! I need to know the ocs name and the planet they live on (this can shange if you want)