No thoughts, head empty...

03/02/2020 19:08
...just spent an 2 hours on a drawing, just for my browser to say "Hi, i'm restarting this specific tab." Do not be dumb like me and save your drawings regularly. please excuse me as I go cry in a corner gshfsfdasfz TTOTT
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Pasterupastel 04/01/2020 20:39
Bamboo0k, thank q!!
Bamboo0k 04/01/2020 04:37
wooow so good
Pasterupastel 04/01/2020 01:05
Cupid-, life happened to her
Cupid- 03/25/2020 02:42
wait how-
Cupid- 03/25/2020 02:42

Cupid- 03/25/2020 02:42
Oh my oh my
Cupid- 03/25/2020 02:42
Oh my oh my
Pasterupastel 03/10/2020 13:26
Mombamatron, ^O^ yeppers, it's my cactus bb!
Mombamatron 03/07/2020 18:39
I remember this character! <3
_StarMoonlight_ 03/04/2020 08:28
Pasterupastel, lolololol