10/30/2018 18:00
Sorry about the repost, I'm almost done with a new animation. I wanted to fix the ball since it really bothered me before because it used to get so flat hitting the board, so I wanted to fix it. Also, hey I'm still aliveee :p


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23_robax 10/30/2018 21:04
Jazzmary 10/30/2018 18:45
Awkward__Artist, Hello! I'm doing great, recently found my tablet pen again, so I started to doodle with it more
Awkward__Artist 10/30/2018 18:41
Hey!!! how's it goin'?
Jazzmary 10/30/2018 18:16
PicklesWithFruit, ty!!! it's my favorite pfp owo
PicklesWithFruit 10/30/2018 18:14
Are you ever gonna change your pfp?

because I love it! It's so cute, plz never do...
Jazzmary 10/30/2018 18:09
SlenderLicky, xD sorry I just got really bothered by how flat the ball got hitting the board! It needed help. Also Im working on somethin now owo
SlenderLicky 10/30/2018 18:08
oldie but a goodie!