Here in my arms

10/15/2015 00:19 Mr. FijiWiji - Aphasia
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Sunshineoftime 02/28/2016 18:03
WT-Flach, Thank you! I really like this one. ^w^
WT-Flach 01/17/2016 10:33
wow is awesome ;D <3
good job! \('O')\
Sunshineoftime 11/09/2015 22:41
B-fox, thanks B-fox. I'll try to improve with time. Thank you. c:
Sunshineoftime 11/09/2015 22:41
amazingphil, <:3 Thank you. I wish I drew more. Focusing on other things for now. ;>
Sunshineoftime 11/09/2015 22:40
i_have_no_idea, wow, gosh thank you. I always struggle with the hair's definitely new to hear this. thanks. I helps to think of hair not as a flat thing. but a thing with life and swirly lines. helps to start from darks to lights. 4 blocks of colors helps.
Sunshineoftime 11/09/2015 22:40
_Red, thanks red. Hope you've been fairing well. c:
Sunshineoftime 11/09/2015 22:39
Djmixxy, aw thank you so much. c:
B-fox 11/06/2015 05:18
Nice! Great job with the wind effect :)
amazingphil 11/05/2015 18:48
this is beautiful you blow me away once again!
i_have_no_idea 10/17/2015 07:05
i wish i knew how to draw hair like you