Important talk here kids!

05/15/2019 13:44
So.. Due to the fact that Toonator is becoming worse every day and more people seem to leave I've decided that It's my time to go aswell.I'll be on Drawn with the same name (SwagTomato) form now on, were I'll do the same things I do here! After I'll finsih Unstoppable 4 part 3 I'll be gone.Don't worry I will still try my best to use this account and I'll come here often but I won't post anything.Hope you can understand me! I love and aprecciate you all!
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Ansonlin360 05/15/2019 18:00
Ansonlin360 05/15/2019 18:00
Press F for all the people who left toonator for the better
SuruSuruWo 05/15/2019 17:45
big F
SwagTomato 05/15/2019 15:58
Sp3ctrum, The layers are ok you just have to figure them out
takashisenpai18 05/15/2019 15:52
Sp3ctrum, oof sorry lol, omfg im laughing so hard right now XD that is the worst misspelling I have ever done!
Sp3ctrum 05/15/2019 15:49
takashisenpai18, it-
It's getting "the jist" not "the jizz"... Jizz is semen.
takashisenpai18 05/15/2019 15:49
Sp3ctrum, I know how you feel about it but I ended up getting the jizz if it after a while.

(i still think toon is better, its my opinion people,)
Sp3ctrum 05/15/2019 15:47
Personally, I've tried drawn, the interface is confusing, the layering system seems to make no sense, it took a while to figure out onion layers, and frankly, it's also dead.
I don't understand why people are leaving, goodbye I guess.
takashisenpai18 05/15/2019 15:47
I'll probably move to Drawn as well once I buy my school cp. Drawn is pretty good.
Dodobroking11 05/15/2019 14:22