hello! hello! hello! hello!

03/25/2020 23:04
love wormwood


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roquangardner 07/19/2020 19:00
I like the spooookyyy
RobloxianCats 06/14/2020 08:09
i don't know why but this reminds me of gravity falls
q-qijy 05/28/2020 08:20
aww this is cute
Pllatapuses 04/16/2020 14:03
actiasluna 03/28/2020 10:30
MelodicMeloetta, I am a fervent Webber main, I get scared and upset when he's not on my screen.
AnthTanth, nononono I am definitely NOT on that level of animation skill yet, I just like the game
AnthTanth 03/27/2020 22:13
did you animate for an ad?? cuz i swear i saw an ad that is just like your art style---Dont starve together???? if you know what im sayin
AnthTanth 03/27/2020 22:13
MelodicMeloetta 03/27/2020 21:05
actiasluna, wormwood is cute ^^ btw, who do u play as in DST? i play willow
actiasluna 03/27/2020 20:02
MelodicMeloetta, It's him, what can I say
MelodicMeloetta 03/27/2020 18:31