The Auzzy and the Ruskie

01/18/2018 09:35
Vasya my Cool friend. Number one good boy. Be my rad friend forever. you have no choice. quick. look at your feet Denis, they are chained to the ground. You cannot escape my grasp of friendship. I WILL BE HERE TILL THE END, YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE!!!
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Evrik 02/25/2018 09:53
что ут бубнится
honeybear 02/10/2018 22:35
Micheal Vsauce here
nyanstar_260 02/04/2018 12:51
omg this deserves a
ssgamer18625 01/31/2018 16:43
AnnikatheLlama 01/27/2018 20:17
Jaythan221, it is.
Jaythan221 01/26/2018 01:36
The end voice sounds like grunkle stan...
AngelOne 01/25/2018 17:00
i don't know why but this is too bootutiful
BEVERLY_HILLS 01/21/2018 18:01
Fait_ 01/21/2018 16:56
what if i dont
DapperVoxlyy 01/21/2018 16:13
Fait_, power couple
but not relationship way
friendship way

fear us