When you kill someone

01/23/2016 19:29
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qwertykatz 09/29/2020 06:28
This has been in gp for a while now
kashewisnoice 09/28/2020 19:03
holy shit thats a- lot of medals
VoidWatcher 09/28/2020 19:00
I wanna medal this like 5 more times
Fusing 09/28/2020 18:34
Zatch, of course, of course
Zatch 09/28/2020 18:25
Fusing, ty ty
Fusing 09/28/2020 18:17
Zatch, Nvm, I now understand what a tone indicator is and will proceed to exhale sharply at your very witty comment
Zatch 09/28/2020 18:17
Fusing, just look it up they’re made for stupid who don’t know enough English to use context to figure out if someone being sarcastic or not
Fusing 09/28/2020 18:16
Zatch, Nani? Tf a tone indicator (I'm very dumb by the by)
MinecraftPotato 09/28/2020 18:09
Ken-Flame, This will probably keep going for as long as this site is around
Ken-Flame 09/28/2020 18:08
i love how this is still going even after 4 whole years