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12/20/2017 10:51
FANART TIME! I got bored so i decided to draw King Petko, also known as @Fluffowuffo's OC! owo I'm so proud of this, I havent draw for a while. Finally I have a chance to use my 1 yr old tablet uwuu. Now all that I gotta do is to sleep, or my mother & father gets angry before I don't get to bed and find out I'm still using this laptop. Goodnight guys, I love you! <3
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chibisenpai 12/22/2017 12:07
Can you please make me fan art?
verkin 12/22/2017 00:26
Thank you guys!
fluffyunipugs335 12/22/2017 00:14
s00000000ooooo good!
chibisenpai 12/21/2017 07:01
I luv your art so much!!!
Nobodyknows 12/20/2017 17:21
woa h
Elle5 12/20/2017 17:19
So cutee!!
Fluffowuffo 12/20/2017 11:13
verkin, Ah XD

Ahhh, np senpai!!! >w< *hugs*~<3 >>>>w<<<<
verkin 12/20/2017 11:10
Fluffowuffo, I was comparing it either XDDD
verkin 12/20/2017 11:09
Fluffowuffo, Thank you!! I would love have a hug for you!! ⊂( ´ ▽ ` )⊃ <33333
Fluffowuffo 12/20/2017 11:08
And now I'm comparing with the last time you drew Petko, lol x'3 What am I?