For Anyone Who Wants To COllab with me :)

12/25/2020 01:04
i really wanna have motiation ;-;
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Potato-blurbs 04/14/2021 23:26
Happykid123, also thanks and i now animate in cause idk how u guys animate here without flash anymore and how to activate flash without changing time and date :) here is and example of my anim:
Potato-blurbs 04/14/2021 23:08
Happykid123, Really? wanna collab? :))
Happykid123 04/14/2021 16:27
wow i love your toons!!!!!!!!
Potato-blurbs 12/27/2020 04:20
ItJustSticks, :OOOOOO REALLY?! im so happy :,)
ItJustSticks 12/26/2020 22:03
Would love to!
Potato-blurbs 12/25/2020 21:55
SSJ_Emani212,same uwu DETHORN, its ok
SSJ_Emani212 12/25/2020 09:35
would join but i got some stuff on my hands
SSJ_Emani212 12/25/2020 09:34
DETHORN 12/25/2020 02:36
mayb but im bad and rusty and also unmotivated lol