The Best Valentine is a kiss from the one you love

02/13/2020 15:41
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VoidWatcher 02/17/2020 21:29
DrIsJam, yep
Front_Shooter 02/17/2020 20:39
DrIsJam, yeah he does.
FidgetFox 02/17/2020 20:36
DrIsJam, its normal
DrIsJam 02/17/2020 20:35
hold up... you're not online dating on t o o n a t o r are you? you know voidstars irl right?
VoidWatcher 02/17/2020 14:07
zrRg10, nope.
zrRg10 02/17/2020 14:00
VoidWatcher, i thought two of you were the same
VoidWatcher 02/17/2020 13:58
zrRg10, yes. I made my account, showed it to her, then she made one.
zrRg10 02/17/2020 13:57
VoidWatcher, Void-Stars, two voids??
VoidWatcher 02/17/2020 13:51
Void-Stars, no I am not.
Void-Stars 02/17/2020 09:03
Congrats! your winning!!!