#MeetTheArtist uwu

06/08/2019 10:14
please follow me on instagrammmm if you have the time - @awendt_ , this is where i keep all my art. Feel free to ask more questions about me, as long as they don't get too personal like where i live or my social security number lmao - but srsly don't ^.^'
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FNAFgirl2018 06/13/2019 21:40
OWO I'm 15 next year
SlenderLicky 06/13/2019 08:48
eeeeiiiiii another 15 year old. Join.The.Club. lmao. everyone here is 15 XD
FNAFgirl2018 06/13/2019 01:50
btw if u like R&B i personally know an R&B singer, His name is Brian McKnight
FNAFgirl2018 06/13/2019 01:08
I think this is a good idea, i should do one too :3
awendt_ 06/12/2019 23:57
pudii, i honestly hate bubble tea. It gives me a headache.
pudii 06/12/2019 20:42
Tea? How about, BUBBLEtea? ;_;
schweets 06/09/2019 11:41
awendt_, its so detailed and i luv it
awendt_ 06/08/2019 19:09
takashisenpai18 06/08/2019 14:19
awendt_, Zatch, actually there is more straight people in here than you think.
takashisenpai18 06/08/2019 14:17