i brought WAFFLEZ!!!

11/28/2019 19:58
deres enough for everyone x3
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scyq 12/02/2019 20:59
rainbowsharkeh, yez wafflz!!! i am so hungry
Unxknown_player 12/02/2019 20:41
gimme some ill make a scene account
rainbowsharkeh 11/28/2019 20:17
Frisk, o.o dats hard to read....
Frisk 11/28/2019 20:16
rainbowsharkeh, look here dude im not trying to completely destroy your confidence and i not horny 24/7 im not in school thinking danm i could fuck someone rn i may seem horny but i arent and yes im born in england but due to me when i was younger i was only running around making fucking weird dinosaur sounds and if i miss spell every word then correct me on what words i cant get right if you really want talk about this shit unblock me and ill unblock you and ill talk about this shit but if you dont then im fine with that
Furfag 11/28/2019 20:14
Frisk, not cool you whore
Frisk 11/28/2019 20:14
Furfag, no, only frisk x rainbowsharkeh
rainbowsharkeh 11/28/2019 20:13
Frisk, nu!!! stop being lewd pls.. ..
Furfag 11/28/2019 20:11
Frisk, rainbowsharkeh, can i join the gangbang
Frisk 11/28/2019 20:10
rainbowsharkeh, we dont have to be lewd sned cockwaffle ples
Furfag 11/28/2019 20:09
Frisk, UwU nwigger