12/01/2018 15:29
Sorry, the last part was rushed. And the part where Snow was telling Zach how she was a passer, I didn't use frame copying for that because I'm not sure if that's allowed. As in, I think frame copying too much can get you demoted??? I'm not sure. If you know if it will get you demoted, tell me please. Critisism is allowed. Sorry that this isn't very visually pleasing. I'll do better next animation.
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gg u got the thing that make u front page or something :3
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imtherealhine, Oh thanks, oof
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yayyyy u deserve it i lost my passer lol
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fireflowerx, THANKOWOWOO
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AlexTheCat 12/02/2018 14:18
DeathOfCrazyTalk, Haha, good one
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Congratulations, you have PASSED the border.