11/16/2017 13:47
this is a side account, so its pretty neato that i got passer on both of my accounts now!! ;w;; yee
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Pastel_dreams 05/09/2018 16:45
-AshFlame- 11/17/2017 15:46
canadian-leaf205, Np! (This is Ash from Flame-Fams)
canadian-leaf205 11/17/2017 15:31
Flame-Fams, ty for the advuice! i apreciate it :3 and im a lot less confused now
Flame-Fams 11/17/2017 15:28
canadian-leaf205, It depends on the ratio of how much are Animated or Drawings you forgot about. Also, to resolve that problem, you can take toons out of your album, which will "reduce" your toons that will be counted for Passer.
redbeanie 11/17/2017 00:36
Mystyck 11/16/2017 19:08
canadian-leaf205 11/16/2017 15:25
ebanygamesonfnaf, i get the "draw more animated toons" but on my Original acc i have like 237 friken toons!
-AshFlame- 11/16/2017 15:18
ebanygamesonfnaf 11/16/2017 15:11
canadian-leaf205, yeah, but whenever the moderator checks my animations, it's always a "draw more animated toons" or a "spend more time at each frame, be careful" but your right, i might get it soon.
canadian-leaf205 11/16/2017 14:59
ebanygamesonfnaf, ur art seems passer worthy! im shure youll get it soon