road work ahead? also read desc.

11/13/2018 22:04
okay wHAT just happened? i want to know why my toon was put in sandbox...i'm not yelling at anyone i'm just honestly curious...
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Talia8Pie 11/13/2018 23:55
Perfectly, sushiboi, The mods are probably asleep. If a mod downvotes something then it goes to sandbox or worse. Only the mods can actually make the descision
Perfectly 11/13/2018 22:13
sushiboi, This one may have gotten downvoted in particular because it doesn't really look finished if I had to say.
Perfectly 11/13/2018 22:12
sushiboi, I dunno, I can't say what gets downvoted and what doesn't?
Perfectly 11/13/2018 22:10
B1uMoonGirl, Np. You can also get spooders from it I think, although I've been actively using it for a while and I've never gotten any.
sushiboi 11/13/2018 22:10
Perfectly, (sorry but i'm going to get really salty in this message) okay so then why have bad toons stayed in oldschool whereas this one was kicked out? i'm so confused help
B1uMoonGirl 11/13/2018 22:09
Oh, ty for telling meh, I likely would've never known. ^-^
Perfectly 11/13/2018 22:08
sushiboi, Because people thought it was bad I guess.
Perfectly 11/13/2018 22:08
B1uMoonGirl, When you go into your account settings, you can turn on "moderator helper". This gives you the ability to rate toons almost. If a toon gets a lot of downvotes, it will get taken down to sandbox. And if a toon that is in sandbox gets a lot of upvotes, it gets put in oldschool (unless the person is already passer or something).
sushiboi 11/13/2018 22:07
Perfectly, why though? i'm really curioous
B1uMoonGirl 11/13/2018 22:06
I didnt know you could Do that! How??