01/11/2019 12:32
you must make a HAPPY SCENE using the provided color pallet, blending is allowed. ends 2/30/19. first prize:colored animation of your OC. second prize: line animation of your OC. third place: line drawing of your OC.
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lilycarter11 02/19/2019 21:41
:D thanks!
xFallen_Angelx 02/19/2019 15:31
Good luck all people who entered!
xFallen_Angelx 02/19/2019 15:18
Hope you like my entry!~ UWU
xFallen_Angelx 02/19/2019 15:18
lilycarter11 02/19/2019 14:49
so, the contest closes tomorrow, and i have four entries. everybody who wanted to do this, i can push the date back if needed!
lilycarter11 01/24/2019 12:45
Sketched-hope 01/18/2019 13:50
lilycarter11 01/17/2019 16:40
i was gonna do a depressing drawing from music in my class
lilycarter11 01/17/2019 16:40
JJ-An-Scath 01/17/2019 12:46
The music playing in my class just inspired me to do something for this.