05/26/2021 09:12
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Tolm 06/15/2021 13:50
very smooth
sashabraus101 05/27/2021 20:40
Sure! Let’s talk on dmsItJustSticks,
ItJustSticks 05/27/2021 19:39
sashabraus101, Yeah I understand. I'm guessing that you've improved a lot. I really do hope I can see some of your art work soon!
sashabraus101 05/27/2021 18:59
ItJustSticks, well I just wanted some time to improve my animation skills, and my art. And I don’t like posting on toonator anymore because it’s sometimes stressful. You know?
ItJustSticks 05/27/2021 18:51
sashabraus101, Thanks! I see that all your animations are hidden. You also have great art. What happened??
sashabraus101 05/27/2021 18:11
Nono it’s okay!
All of your drawings are great dude!ItJustSticks,
ItJustSticks 05/27/2021 16:58
ItJustSticks, sashabraus101, Op sorry i just saw you're comment on Despacitwo's post.
ItJustSticks 05/27/2021 16:57
sashabraus101,Oh and I hope it isn't too much to ask but I have a better drawing on newgrounds. Link:
sashabraus101 05/27/2021 16:02
ItJustSticks 05/27/2021 16:00
sashabraus101, Why thank you! :)