please don't hate me for this.

05/25/2019 06:38
Idk if some of you remember, but i was on this site a year or two back. I went by the name 'drew' (cuz apparently 12 year old Andrew thought that was such an amazing name). I have no idea if my style if recognisable anymore, but there was a lot of drama that i partially take the fall for. I was such a horrible person, to many other people. I lied to, cheated, threatened, and offended SO MANY other people. Like a coward, I left this site the end of 2017 i think, because i couldnt deal with all the drama (and because the mods -yes they were actually active- banned me for harassment). The drama was particularly based around me and one other animator that comes and goes on this site -whom will not be named. The drama starty petty like usual, and ended petty. They will never forgive me, which is understandable, and ive come into terms with that. I came back here this year to find a new start and improve on my animation skills. I hope hearing this doesn't lower your standards on me, make you
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toonimator_101 06/09/2019 08:01
Oof no we all made mistakes and most of us have many regrets just like I and once I did I bad thing like 5 times to my best friend but now I've stopped but don't feel bad you learned :)
silentcriez 06/09/2019 07:12
awendt_, Oh shit,I didn't know that was the person you were talking about.
I'm sorry dude,didn't know.
awendt_ 06/09/2019 04:45
silentcriez, lmao i said the person shall remain unnamed, smh.
silentcriez 06/09/2019 04:28
I fucking knew it was you!
Wasn't there that old flamewar where you tried to buy Dapper's friendship?
That's what I remember you by.
And no worries dude,you apologised.
InDaTrash 05/26/2019 08:21
SatanTeleTubby, thanks <3
SatanTeleTubby 05/25/2019 22:50
SatanTeleTubby 05/25/2019 22:49
InDaTrash, @susmi
ebanygamesonfnaf 05/25/2019 11:52
ebanygamesonfnaf, i've changed quite a bit, too. and so have you.
ebanygamesonfnaf 05/25/2019 11:51
we've all changed as time went on, so, even if you WERE a bad person from the start, in the end, you've started to become nicer. non-autistic people know what they're doing, and if they're mean, they're being mean on purpose. autistic people, though, like me, can be mean, yet the don't mean to be mean.
InDaTrash 05/25/2019 11:50
Who is mod in toonator? Oo