had to draw this with a mouse

07/16/2020 12:55
ok wth, it posted it into anonymous??? i thought that glitch was fixed. yeah, sadly my drawing pen broke, so i think my dad is getting me a new one. Luckily on amazon for thsi pad that i'm using it's only 12 bucks, which is actually cheap considering that on the website it's wayyy more. ----anyway, i hope u like this??? I tried my best to make it a loop and i really wanted to work on something passer worthy in which i could use a mouse at the same time. Hope it's good enough, and if it's not, pls don't demote me. I haven't animated with a mouse in forever. I only got good at animating once i started using a drawing tablet
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ChillingPastelle 07/27/2020 16:27
_StarMoonlight_ 07/23/2020 20:18
Mombamatron, oml, sorry to hear that man xDD. And aw, thanks!
Mombamatron 07/23/2020 16:43
i have to draw with a trackpad XD and besides, this is really good for a mouse <3
_StarMoonlight_ 07/18/2020 12:55
RobloxianCats, ah thanks

toon didn't think so oof
RobloxianCats 07/18/2020 12:51
you've improved a lot
this is amazing
qwertykatz 07/17/2020 10:15
Bamboo0k: you are an example for me of perseverance and effort, I can't leave my procrastination zone yet

You spittin FACTS _StarMoonlight_ you never give up and you always keep trying :)
Bamboo0k 07/16/2020 14:39
_StarMoonlight_ 07/16/2020 13:53
_StarMoonlight_ 07/16/2020 13:52
oop, this was removed from oldchool, tho i don't see it in sandbox
_StarMoonlight_ 07/16/2020 13:37