02/27/2019 21:10
Hey hey, I'm back...I guess? I haven't really been active because I don't have many ideas on what to animate. On the other hand, my lineart is still bad!
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ItsJustSawyer 03/25/2019 17:40
ClockWork_Derpy 03/25/2019 17:39
yay the girl with the kittydog inspired OC is back
ItsJustSawyer 03/02/2019 15:45
WolfThatAnimates 03/02/2019 15:33
Hi friend~ (i wish lmao)
WolfHats 02/28/2019 04:03
uM i love ur art and hey u back!!!!!!!!!!
canadian-leaf205 02/27/2019 21:32
ur lineart is still amazing exuse me.
UltraMarshmallow 02/27/2019 21:19
ItsJustSawyer, Yeah they take a long time
ItsJustSawyer 02/27/2019 21:15
UltraMarshmallow Oh hehe
I did submit my request though but sadly the mods are never on T^T
UltraMarshmallow 02/27/2019 21:14
ItsJustSawyer, Well I thought you were, maybe you weren't? I've seen some of your animations in oldschool & colorful I guess Im wrong lol
ItsJustSawyer 02/27/2019 21:12
@UltraMarshmellow I was a passer?