How to Stay Safe When Someone Has Threatened to R*

11/20/2020 19:35
this post is dedicated to a specific person that i will not be saying the name of. they have had an incident where they were threatened to be r*ped and i will have advice in the comments on what to do if this happens to you
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Supasoja213 12/04/2020 21:20
RowanDarling470, I'm stupid for mentioning your name because you decided to make a public announcement about it on a website with like, ten users. Sorry for not keeping it "CONFIDENTIAL" enough bud. :)
RowanDarling470 12/04/2020 17:53

imagine being as stupid as this guy, and saying the victims name out when they werent supposed to ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa
Supasoja213 11/29/2020 21:23
-__-__-__-__-__-, that's not very nice b
-__-__-__-__-__- 11/27/2020 13:03
*proceeds to be rude*
MinecraftPotato 11/23/2020 14:18
kraftcheese, tbh idk what you meant either
MinecraftPotato 11/23/2020 14:17
Supasoja213, First of all, Rowan is a they/them.

Second of all, if you don´t want to be rude, STOP. COMMENTING.
Supasoja213 11/23/2020 09:19
kraftcheese, bro wut?
kraftcheese 11/23/2020 05:28
Supasoja213 then stop making dumb comments B) ''err, easier said than done tardio'' ... I KNOW WHEN I GET ON AFTER EVERYONE IS ACTIVE AND I JUST SAY EVERYTHING BASICALLY NOTHING
Supasoja213 11/22/2020 19:40
RowanDarling470 11/22/2020 17:57
Supasoja213, i am not a "she" lol

i'm they/them