vibin in middle earth

06/30/2021 13:20
im. very sorry.
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tu1ptulp 11/01/2021 09:08
Oh this is kinda like tulp
whalewolves13 09/14/2021 08:27
the hobbits the hobbits the hobbits the hobbits
to Isengard to Isengard
whalewolves13 09/14/2021 08:27
to Isengard to Isengard
B1uM0onGirl 07/01/2021 13:46
Hypothetically speaking, if someone were to get demoted after making this, it would be totally worth it.
DeSpAcitWo 07/01/2021 09:11
mfw they're taking the ho- when the hobbits are sus, they're taking the sus to hobbits to Es- when the... when...
Bububooo3 07/01/2021 09:08
J. R. R. Tolkien be like
KunaWolf 07/01/2021 06:32
a blessing to see
kraftcheese 06/30/2021 15:47
thank you
B1uMoonGirl 06/30/2021 15:40
Damiyuta, thanks! got it :)
Damiyuta 06/30/2021 15:32
B1uMoonGirl, and use the basilisk portable