Red And Bounce "Skits" #3

02/11/2019 18:28
Hi ma dudes! Its been quite some time since i've posted one of my shorts, let alone an actual episode. My computer has been dumb as hell but, ya know. Anyway i hope you guys enjoy this episode and ill try my best to post some more a bit sooner but yeet. Thanks for yalls support and ttyl ma dudes. imma yeet out here. And a special thanks to TarynStar for helping me post this because the diddly darn thing wouldn't work on my computer lmao uwu
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VoidWatcher 02/07/2020 19:24
oh hey, I remember when I commented on this so long ago.
hmmmWellThen 12/22/2019 13:45
I watched an entire episode of jojo waiting for this to load
hmmmWellThen 12/22/2019 13:34
jk ur already too gooderest
hmmmWellThen 12/22/2019 13:34
git gooder
Awkward__Artist 11/25/2019 20:39
toonimator_101, John was talking to Bill Cypher. It´s confirmed. It´s cannon. Nothing else matters now.
LittleLittle 11/24/2019 14:03
TroZe_Stick4 11/17/2019 02:03
like from russia x2 :D
toonimator_101 08/29/2019 11:07
Hi John
How the hell do you know my name?
Oh I know lots of things
Lots of things! t/o\
Toonimator_666 08/24/2019 06:46
101 like.

Wait..... toonimator_101 ?!?!?!?
Toonimator_666 08/24/2019 06:44
It would be funny if he just guessed his name