"I am Synent!!!"

02/13/2018 22:05
Decided to make this because Synent's design was highly inspired from Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy, Groot is the wood boi and Synent is my plant boi uwu
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galaxykat 03/28/2018 18:04
this is graet !!
RANDOMGIRL4 02/24/2018 17:35
LOL Synet is..... my new favorite character anywheres...
maiacreates12214 02/23/2018 18:23
why does this remind me of salad fingers....maybe just the character? anyways its really good!
-SherlockHolmes- 02/21/2018 12:37
Offel, Groot, from his cuteness
Offel 02/16/2018 16:32
i wonder if groot could take him on synet would most likely win
RoseFlame 02/15/2018 19:44
-SherlockHolmes-, Thank you Sherlock! Talia8Pie, FOCK

-SherlockHolmes- 02/15/2018 12:33
I can tell- he is adorable
jojoanims 02/15/2018 06:32
-Hydra- 02/15/2018 03:39
Hydra : *replaces Synent with a nonexistent beautiful rose (it's non-existent but let's pretend it's beautiful ok ;))*
Talia8Pie 02/14/2018 23:53
RoseFlame, FAINE *throws synent onto Rosefam*

*takes shadow*