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05/27/2018 12:36
Kinda an animation meme, kinda not? (This was the project I was talking/complaining about, it took me S O L O N G to finish this?!?!?) I really hope the audio syncs and I also really hope you like it! :D
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robotups 11/13/2018 18:52
KakeIsYummy, step one: spend like $2k on a wacom.
step two: cry yourself to sleep forever because youll never be this good
story of my life (jkjk)
robotups 11/13/2018 18:50
I think I saw this when it came out if I'm correct..? cant believe its now the most popular ever. wow. your welcome for the medal ;) [first one given out. big mood.]
starchu 11/11/2018 21:15
so much comments :p
AnnikatheLlama 11/09/2018 06:36
congrats on 1k!!!!!!!!!!!
ravenclaw 11/07/2018 14:43
all us introverts are like: :(...;)
KakeIsYummy 11/07/2018 13:00
can you show me how to animate like this???????? (plz i have cookies)
littlewolfgirl 11/04/2018 21:45
this made me cry
littlewolfgirl 11/04/2018 20:49
ravenclaw 11/01/2018 16:32
PicklesWithFruit 10/30/2018 19:38
PicklesWithFruit, well...
somewhere around that number..