Shake Em

05/14/2019 12:06
Hey there guys! i definitly wont say im back but yeah. my computer remains broken. im trying to practice animating on my phone so, this is a start i guess. lemme know if ya like it. Also dont ask me how i draw good furry ass. i watch alot of internet......stuff. whatever, bye.


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SlenderLicky 05/14/2019 17:32
thanatophobia, *gives thumbs up*
thanatophobia 05/14/2019 17:32
SlenderLicky, i don't mind animated pelvises or butts or boobs just moving
if people don't like butts, then try animating pelvises with the crotch cut out of the shot
if people don't like that you can stop
SlenderLicky 05/14/2019 17:29
thanatophobia, i guess youre right tho. If it mKes anyone uncomfortable dont worry, imma continue with my normal wholesome toons. Althought the animation is the point not the ass hahaha
SlenderLicky 05/14/2019 17:28
The stickman thing, well, yeah. That was straight up porn
thanatophobia 05/14/2019 17:28
this isn't considered that uh,, (sexystuff)
but it is still NSFW
i'm not offended nor annoyed by it
kinda odd that it's a
SlenderLicky 05/14/2019 17:26
Talia8Pie, You are right tho ... We did get rid of.. That. Hum
SlenderLicky 05/14/2019 17:25
Talia8Pie, its not porn
Talia8Pie 05/14/2019 17:24
Are you serious? We just got rid of stickman porn please can we NOT have any more ;A;
Ansonlin360 05/14/2019 16:53
SlenderLicky, got any links for the "GOOD STUFF"?
paik 05/14/2019 16:52
oh my