Thing in the Dark

06/26/2018 19:24
"Hey Jeff!" *Facepalm* (101 frames wOw)
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Arii2Last 07/04/2018 22:39
Athena97, much thank owo
Athena97 07/03/2018 20:35
This is cool!
Arii2Last 06/27/2018 17:53
maybe I shouldn't have added the facepalm part.
Arii2Last 06/26/2018 20:29
BCManimator, oh wow thanks! Now I have a better view on it.
BCManimator 06/26/2018 20:11
Arii2Last, tbh the shaking actually serves its place in this animation. The way I see the shakiness, really emphasizes the fear the character is facing.
Arii2Last 06/26/2018 19:33
the animation is really shaky :,c
PicklesWithFruit 06/26/2018 19:28
Arii2Last, xD
Arii2Last 06/26/2018 19:25
102* not 101 frames