Master's awakening (contest entry)

09/21/2018 14:41
shadow fell over the world, as the serpent king rose once more...
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Kotsuko 10/29/2018 16:42
zefuro, I heavily kindly agee
zefuro 10/29/2018 16:35
Kotsuko, i kindly disagree
Kotsuko 10/29/2018 16:34
zefuro, Sir I can say the same to you--youre hella mazing in colouring and even drawing
zefuro 10/29/2018 16:28
Kotsuko, now you are just plain lying >:0
Kotsuko 10/29/2018 16:27
zefuro, No its not my flatcolours are trash and are not even smooth :I And the anatomy is something to be laughed at
zefuro 10/26/2018 03:36
Kotsuko, but ur flatcolour is gorgeous
Kotsuko 10/25/2018 19:43
zefuro, And urs becomes heaven when you mix ><
Kotsuko 10/25/2018 19:43
zefuro, I agreeee. Sure my choice of colour is ok when it's plainly coloured BUT WHEN I BLEND OMIGOD IT TURNS INTO MUD ;-;
zefuro 10/12/2018 12:26
Kotsuko, i disagree
poxem 10/12/2018 02:50
holy shit i'm so fuckin' late thi sIS SO FU